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A growing business

time for a new level of maturity

SME growth

Rod has started a business and is being rewarded with success. He has ambitions for further growth, but has hit a point where the heady early days no longer fit and the organisation needs firm foundations - plans, structures, processes and systems. He manages to keep the plates spinning - just - but the current status cannot be sustained...

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Tick all that apply:

  • The original goal of launching the business now needs a delivery and commercial focus... and a complete culture change

  • People are looking for a long term plan, you have a sense in your head but it’s hardly a strategy

  • Reliance on a few key clients needs to expand to a broader market presence

  • The original innovators and specialists now need to become leaders and managers - but resent being pulled away from their area of expertise and passion

  • There is a need for rapid growth of skills and staff, everybody was doing everything but now need focus and clarity of roles

  • Notebooks, spreadsheets and a few free bits of software are no longer fit for purpose to keep operations under control

  • Risks are real and unmanaged e.g. IP, cyber security, cash flow, resourcing

  • Cash is feast to famine, with unknown burn rate & runway

  • The day to day includes micromanaging, firefighting and blockages

  • Change must come, but the org is unprepared...

If you ticked more than 5 of these you are a Rod and we can help you!

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An established business

wanting to break out of a rut

SME growth

Jane has been doing well in business but as time has gone on inefficiency has crept in. Everyone is still doing things the way they were but the old ways don’t work so well anymore. Life is either too comfortable, a bit like autopilot with brains disengaged, or the other extreme of permanent firefighting. There is a real risk of getting left behind...

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Tick all that apply:

  • The business is dependant on a few key figures - succession planning is not on the radar but is a worry

  • In the early days long hours went with the excitement, but now work/life balance is off kilter and weariness has set in

  • There are average levels of staff turnover, complaints, growth - the organisation is comfortable, little has changed in recent years

  • Leadership spends a large proportion of time on admin and paperwork, maintaining the status quo instead of planning for the future

  • Staff and teams end up pulling in different directions if left to work autonomously, so end up being closely supervised

  • Staff and customers are ok but indifferent, they’re not out there shouting about what you do to all their friends

  • Keeping the plates spinning takes all the resource, working on the business and new projects are on the ‘To Do’ list

  • The financials have plateaued or are in decline, and it’s a trend that has become a little too established

  • Business processes work, any standards and regulations are honoured, but are seen as a necessary banality or paperwork exercise

  • There is a lurking sense that things can’t stay this way, a desire for more...

If you ticked more than 5 of these you are a Jane and we can help you!

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A business transformation

needing extra skills and hands

SME growth

Freddie is a seasoned old hand who leads a large and mature business. He knows change is looming, or it’s time to pivot, but turning the ship is now an extreme effort. With everyone doing their day jobs the resource is hard to find, plus complexity has brought territory and politics. While he’s at it there is a chance to attack the bureaucracy and introduce fresh thinking...

moreFind out if I’m like Freddie

Tick all that apply:

  • A project is looming, bigger than anything done before, or with greater complexity

  • A change is on the horizon, that will be received with anxiety, uncertainty or resistance

  • The organisation is inwardly focused, with a need to inject fresh thinking

  • Everyone agrees things need to change, there is just not enough time to make it happen

  • Behaviour is inconsistent with values, the mission is a plaque on the wall rather than in the DNA

  • Teams are pulling in opposite directions, there are misunderstandings, even turf disputes. There is no single version of the truth

  • A proportion of people are disengaged, either providing minimum effort and minimum impact, scared to stick their head above the parapet, or bright, bored and disruptive.

  • Large projects typically run over time, over budget, and not because the quality achieved was exceptional.

  • The organisation needs a machete to cut through the paperwork, rules and meetings. Change is slooooow

  • There is a need to work smart and do more with less, but no space to work out how...

If you ticked more than 5 of these you are a Freddie and we can help you!

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