The Terrier Group is Kath Howell and a tribe of associates with similar heart and soul.


Strategic thinker and organisational maverick

  • Breakthrough ideas
  • Troubleshooting operations
  • Builder of tribes

Strategy, Process Improvement & Change Mgmt


PhD in people, is one too

  • Holder of hands
  • Mobiliser of armies
  • Rights and responsibilities

HR Policy &


Oh so organised, dots every i

  • Keeper of lists
  • Holds us accountable
  • Admin is a hobby

Project Management & Administration


Amplifier of messages, customer geek

  • Product placement
  • Hub amongst stakeholders
  • Bringing in the leads

Marketing & Communications


Sanity checker and iceberg spotter

  • Protects your IP
  • Gets contracts and terms right
  • Keeps us all compliant

Legal & Company Secretary

Why the Terrier Group?

Our skill set appears to be reasonably unique. There aren’t many of us around that regularly mix it up with vision and business strategy, implementing rigorous process improvement and lean, and developing all the enlightened HR philosophies - this combination allows us to answer the mission of The Terrier Group.

Add into this a sound understanding of change management (how to do change with people, not to them) and you could call us the Swiss Army Knife of consulting (blush).

Our experience spans 20 years, crosses the finance, public, private and third sectors, includes consulting, managing within organisations at senior levels (yes we’ve done proper jobs too), and volunteering from a trustee to team players.

Do you need time with a terrier? Call us 07809 526862