How do we help?

“We’re consultants, we have a model”

Let’s start with what you would expect to see from a thriving organisation - profitable? healthy cash flow? shareholder value? productivity?

Business has been measuring outputs for centuries, it’s old news (literally, they’re trailing indicators). There’s widespread recognition that the softer side of business can give you a heads up on what the hard numbers will be, and give you a chance of intervening and affecting outcomes.

We’ve boiled it down to a neat little threesome.

Our mission is... marry people, purpose and process. To align the head, hands and heart. When these often conflicting areas meet and get along, great things happen. POP (Point of Optimum Performance) goes the weasel, if you like.


A compelling vision,
a tangible plan

From defining the vision, identifying what is special about you, through creating the right strategy, to drafting actionable business plans


Appropriate and
efficient operations

From system design and implementation, to process improvement methodologies, down to delivering risk or project management


An equipped and
engaged workforce

From the complex world of employee engagement and culture, through change management, to HR practices


How does it work?

Navigate the timeline to understand the full route map, in the knowledge it's entirely possible to just stay for leg 1, or, if you know what you want, jump in on leg 3.

Number 1

A Rapid Diagnostic

Rapid diagnostic

We use a combination of interviews, workshops or questionnaires to probe the three Ps (ouch) and plot them against our maturity matrix. The outcome of this determines priorities.

number 2

A Clever Design

Clever design

A specific programme of interventions flows from stage one, for you and you alone, that’s your journey. It’s in priority order, each project being designed to deliver it’s own benefits, so you can take as many steps as you have the time and energy for and park the rest, spread it out over time, or go for gold and do them all at once.

number 3

Options for delivery

This is up to you, your in house skills and your appetite. We can deliver this as a Fractional Executive, in its entirety on a project by project basis, or through training and facilitating your managers.

Fractional executive

Fractional Executive

For businesses that need a level of senior leadership but do not need anyone full time, or want the overhead. We can provide a regular experienced executive according to need, from one day a month, to a day or two a week. The aim is to build a long term relationship until you are ready for a staff member, and get foundations in place so it's easier for new hires to take root. Think a hands on NED.

Management Consultancy

For bounded projects with a specific outcome in mind, either to provide an external viewpoint, fill a skill gap, or add more hands to the plough. Expect us to share the load, or take the lead, any good consultant should just make your life easier. We're up for any challenge, however our sweet spot is purpose, process, people. This is where we think we can offer something special.

Training & Coaching

From free resources, to short masterclasses, to the more intense delivery of training days, we can deliver what it takes for you to come away with new skills and changed mindsets to achieve the change yourself. We don’t want to share theory, we want to share experiences, so our training is across subjects relevant to our other projects, namely management and HR.

Meet Rod again

Proud owner of a house built on the rock


Through an agreed and understood vision and business plan he:

  • Kept the integrity of the original mission from creep
  • Build a strong and complimentary culture - a competitive edge

Through structuring the organisation, setting up core processes and mobilising skilled people, he:

  • Developed core business and leadership skills
  • Build robust processes and structures capable of delivering growth
  • Ensured inefficiencies were not multiplied with the organisation
  • Controlled costs and maximised the ROI. Achieved growth in the form of increased productivity, a robust supply chain capable of scaling, retaining early innovation and high customer satisfaction

What this ultimately meant was the healthiest bottom line and securest future possible.

Here’s Jane

She’s enjoying a new lease of life (abroad, paid for by a healthy surplus)


Through reviving a vision that resonated, and defining some goals worth stretching for she:

  • Re-orientated the organisation towards a horizon rather than the status quo
  • Mobilised her people and released ‘discretionary effort’

Through building efficient and effective operations that allow staff to deliver, she:

  • Controlled costs in the form of reduced firefighting, maintained quality and released leadership time
  • Began running an operating model that delivers the best services possible with the resources available
  • Achieved revenue growth in the form of increased productivity, lower attrition, natural innovation and high customer satisfaction

What this ultimately meant was a re-energised workforce and streamlined operations, a move from good to great.

And not forgetting Freddie

He sleeps at night


Through defining the new future and mapping out a clear journey for all to get there he:

  • Created a case for change that connected with the workforce
  • Broke through barriers and personal agendas to regain trust and teamwork across the organisation

Through breaking the mould, conducting skilled change management and inspiring new leadership he:

  • Changed the culture to one of collaboration, innovation and enjoyment
  • Built a pipeline of talent and accountability across the organisation
  • Shed weighty bureaucracy and flabby practices
  • Built a legacy of a learning organisation, nimble and adaptive to further change

What this ultimately meant was pain free change and the best chance to realise planned outcomes.

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