Why we do it

“restoring the dignity and joy of work”

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Vision - The Why

There is a modern malaise; corruption uncovered, a chasm between the elite and the average joe, the pursuit of wealth rather than the joy of doing something of value, and an epidemic of apathy amongst the workforce.

But competition can be healthy, where there is demand there should be supply, where people do great things, shouldn't there be applause, reward? and most people do want to make a difference, a contribution. Work is a good thing, a necessary thing, a mechanism that benefits character and communities. We all want to be successful and have fun doing it.

The theory may be sound, but has practice become toxic?

At the Terrier Group we believe that work is fundamental to the survival, self esteem and self actualisation of mankind.

At The Terrier Group we envisage a movement to restore the dignity and joy of work.

Work that benefits the tribes who receive it;

  • by producing something of value
  • by supporting healthy, vibrant and self sufficient communities
  • by driving the innovation and evolution of society and humanity

Work that benefits the individuals who engage in it;

  • by giving a sense of purpose, achievement and satisfaction
  • by including challenges that stretch and grow us to be our best selves
  • by facilitating the social interaction and sense of community that makes us as humans thrive
  • by providing an adequate and appropriate livelihood for all

Mission - The How

Restoring the dignity and joy of work - wowser. How’s that done then?
Our answer and mission is to build THRIVING organisations.

weight lifter

A thriving organisation has a heart that’s beating
- it's full of life, and life means people

A thriving organisation has busy hands
- it’s doing the right things in the right way

Just like the head and the heart are often at war, organisational design and delivery can pull in different directions to all that makes work joyful.

Our mission is to align purpose, people & process, so passion fuels ability.

This is where good becomes great.

weight lifter

But woah, we’re not content with that.

We don’t want this to be a mark of just our projects, we want to affect a change on the wider world of work.

We have a lifecycle, oh yes!

We bite.


We work with organisations whatever their status quo, to step them towards their version of thriving.

We bark.


A key multiplier of any results is being able to share what works with a wider group. We share experiences, that’s why our terriers also train, and we speak up and speak out for a better way, catch our content across the web and social.

Values - Not the how or the why, but the who we are



mental & emotional strength facing difficulty, adversity or danger

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Synonyms; persevering, purposeful, endurance, grit, mettle, intrepid, patience

If our vision is to find a better way, and we want to effect real change, it will be a long game. We recognise difficult, messy and unexpected go with the territory, our commitment will not allow us to be deterred (although we do take holidays sometimes)



enthusiasm or vigour, liveliness and animation

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Synonyms; fun, drive, sparkle, zeal, spirit, lively

With a serious mission our hands, and a recognition of the hard work involved it’s important to love what we do and have fun on the way. (think long childhood journeys made exhilarating through Simon Says)



free of falseness, open, in us there is no guile

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Synonyms; candour, earnest, frank, honourable, just, wholehearted

Pursuing a challenging agenda requires a united front otherwise the cracks will soon show. Trust is essential and can only be built with openness and honesty. (hopefully encompassed by a skilled delivery rather than a sledgehammer)



shrewd and sharp, clever, capable and readily effective

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Synonyms; adept, agile, bright, ingenious, resourceful, wise

Challenge has to be met with cunning as well as some brute force, and if we want to do new things there won’t be a manual. We’ve got to think for ourselves. (and if we really are smart we’re more likely to be right)



furiously eager or intense, challenging and bold

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Synonyms; direct, fiery, strong, untamed, bold, brave

Something has to drive all this, and passion has been overplayed. But this is more. The vigour to break the norms, the willingness to move boundaries, we want our bite to be felt (not our bark to cause alarm)



favouring or advocating improvement or change

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Synonyms; dynamic, enlightened, forward looking, modern, open minded, radical

This is the effect we’re after, so it needs to be prevalent in our methods. Keeping up to date with the latest thinking, bringing new tools. But part of being progressive is not being set in our ways, but responsive and open minded as the situation presents (we’re trying to say we don’t force it)

As part of our mission we want to close the chasm between the haves and have nots. To support this we give our time and treasure to those who need it but don't need the price tag. 10% of our turnover goes to charity, plus we've had the honour of giving our time to the following worthy causes:

  • OCD Action
  • Ella
  • Miracles
  • Parity

Do you need time with a terrier? Call us 07809 526862